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Threads video downloader (Threads from Instagram) – Download Thread Videos.

Threads is an official app launched by META on the 5th of July, 2023. It is a direct competitor to Twitter. Threads is a Conversation app and it is a collaborator of Instagram. As you need an already existing Instagram account to join this app.  

You can ping your favorite celebrities, politicians, and your favorite athletes. And talk with them easily.

As threads don’t allow saving any type of media including photos videos and GIFS on the official app. allows you to download all types of media through their site. 

Our tool Allows you to download videos of Threads By Instagram in very high quality ie.(1080p) you van download all type of media on Threads by using our website

How to Download Videos, images, and Gifs from Threads App

You can easily download Threads’s media by following some simple steps.

  • OPEN this URL
  • Go to Threads.
  • Copy the link of video you want to download.
  • Again Open this website .
  • Paste that copied link in the search bar.
  • And Boom your media starts Downloading.
threads video downloader

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions about how to download Threads videos)

Unfortunately, Instagram from threads doesn’t allow to download any type of media including Images, GIFs, and Videos.

Threads is a newly launched app which is launched by META and it is officially affiliated with the Instagram app.

Yes, as this is an official app from the META group and is an official partner of Instagram so it is hundred percent safe to use this app.

Yes, you can definitely download private accounts videos easily by using this website.

It is very simple to download thread videos on android and Pc as well, you have to do just a copy paste of Video URL on this website.

If you are interested, how to save video from Threads, here is the answer! By default, the files are stored in a default browser folder called “Downloads”. This folder is usually stored in the “Documents” folder on your desktop device (Windows, macOS, Linux, and others). Press CTRL+J on Windows or CMD+J on macOS, to open the download history of your browser, there you can find the files you saved earlier.

To find this folder on your iPhone or Android, just tap the folder name on the search bar of your phone or tablet, please do not confuse the search bar of the phone with the search bar of the search engine.

Why you should use Video Downloader for Threads

The official app of Threads don’t allow you to download video or any other type of media such as images or Gifs

You can use your Tool especially designed for downloading videos and Images from Threads you can download videos in any format useing our Website

Download Thread Videos in High resolution

Yes!! you read it right satisfying users is our main motive, Users can download videos (Threads Video Downloader) with the help of our website from Threads by the Instagram app in any possible resolution including 1080p and in some cases they can download also in 4k quality.

Download Threads Videos without watermark for Free. is the best website to provide you the service to download Threads videos without watermark for free, you are not required to download any type of software or any type of extension to use our service.

All you have to copy the link of Threads videos and all other work will be done by our side without you spending a single penny. you are just one click away from downloading videos from Threads app by Instagram.

Can you download the App for Threads Video Downloader?

As our main motive is to deliver everything our users want, due to the increasing in App Demand for Threads Video Downloader, our developers are designing a user-friendly app which will be launched very soon.

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